Reclamation: A Cultural Policy for Arab-Israeli Partnership

by Joseph Braude

A new opportunity has emerged to roll back generations of antisemitic and rejectionist messaging in Arab media, mosques, and schools. It stems from the convergence of interests between Israel and Arab powers, a youthful Arab grassroots trend in favor of a “peace between peoples,” and new Israeli and American Jewish capacities to engage Arab public discussions from the outside in. Center founder Joseph Braude documents the opportunity as well as the obstacles, and then proposes a strategy to accelerate progress.

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Confronting Violence Through Dialogue: Iraq in the Post-ISIS Era

by Saad Salloum

Demand for interfaith dialogue initiatives is growing in Iraq, particularly among the youth. But so is the use of bigotry as a political tool to mask corruption.

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A Case for Peace Communications

by Adam Garfinkle

There is a big difference between hurtful speech propagated by individuals and similar speech propagated by governments. Center director Adam Garfinkle calls for state-backed peace communications as a supplement to diplomatic efforts.

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